27 Bad Pick Up Lines – Only Complete List You Need!


27 Bad Pick Up Lines – Only Complete List You Need!


[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are many people who use various pickup lines to get their purpose fulfilled. However many people fail to use a good one. People go with those lines that are annoying and irritating for girls. The pickup lines that work are actually very funny and said very ingeniously. So today we will let you know the best pick up lines that help you with getting your date successful

The Most Terrible Pick up Lines in History

We will take a start from first choosing the worst pick up lines of all the time.

1. Since you are eggcellent so is your mom a chicken?

2. You can say me Shrek since I am an ogre and in love with you.

3. May you please give me an inhaler as you have taken away my breath.

4. You most likely be a tower as Eiffel is made for you.

5. You better be wifi as I have started to feel a real connection.

6. Damn, how is it possible that you are more hotter than my laptop bottom.

So you get puke over feeling a bit while reading such sentences. So just think what other might feel when they hear such sentences for themselves. So you have sympathetic feelings for those victims then wait and a have look on some more such weird picky lines.

Corny Pick up Lines

7. I have to apologize to say that you have to leave as you are making everyone else look ugly.

8. Allow me to tie knot to your shoes as I won’t let you fall for others.

9. You seem like a magician as you have magnetized me to believe that nobody else is present.

take a look at my shirt and you know what it’s a boyfriend’s girlfriend material, it is made up of.

10. She/He: I am committed with someone else. You: What can I do to get you out of that?

11. Are you made of McDonalds? Cuz I’m lovin it!

12. Excuse me! Will you buy me a fresh drink. But why? As mine fell when I saw you.

13. Can you answer me what a good-looking and hilarious person like me should do without your contact number?

14. Are you Adele? As you let me have a hello.

So just think if you can successfully choose a person, a girl or a guy, who make use of such weird and clichéd pick up statements? I believe that it will be a difficult and tough decision to make; however’ if you want to challenge then do try it and experience how it works for you.

Funny Pick up Lines

15. It seems you are from Mexico as I feel that you are Juan for me.

16. I am not from here so can you please navigate me to your place?

17. Do you have taste for plums? How about the idea of date?

18. I believe you are an orphanage as I have to donate you some of the kids.

19. just think of the possibilities when there is a pen in my hand and you have your contact number.

Here if you really want the things to work out and put a good impression then you have to raise your level of ingenuity to a creative one. So we will guide in getting such lines that will positively put impression on others.

Chemistry Pick up Lines

Cheesy pickup lines are more famous these days so let’s discuss some of such lines and get an understanding of the procedure working positively.

Below are some of the best and worked chemistry pickup statements that will work at its best.

20. Since you are a fine sodium girl you must be having 11 protons.

21. Have you been a victim of radiation poison as you are glowing positively?

22. I am ill and my physician recommended me Vitamin U.

23. I believe you are a periodic table as “U” and “I” are very far apart.

24. Let go of Hydrogen as the number one element for me, is you?

Cute Pickup Lines

Even though there aren’t numerous of them but they do exist. Below are some of the cute pickup statements mentioned:

25. So which of your numbers should I use to send you a goodnight text message as I reach home?

26. Hi there, can you give a few minutes so that I can hit on you?

27. I believe you are French as a madman.

I believe that these cute pickup statements give you a brief smile at least as it might seem a bit awkward but they will really bring a positive outcome. These will make you laugh a bit and this is what our purpose is to have a smile in the end.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]