Top 5 Frames in War frame 2020

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1. Volt

Volt is a great frame for those who want to speed throughout wave-based missions as rapidly as possible. Volt allows players to run through arrest, damage, and rescue missions because the Volt frame can fast dash between enemies and smack them down with a melee weapon.

To create the Volt frame even more efficient for farming these kinds of missions, the Maiming Strike mod can be very helpful. With this, you get a chance for your sliding attack to be a critical hit. Maiming Strike is very uncommon, but it makes taking down enemies with one quick slide very possible. This is especially true when you have a high critical possibility modifier on the mod.

2. Ember

Ember is a great choice in War frame for those that don’t want to be as attentive when playing. Grinding in War frame can get mind-numbing at times, so if you want a frame that can do most of the work for you, Ember is the one for you.

With Ember, you will be able to make use of an area of effect fire damage that takes down enemies close to you. If you’re playing wave-based missions, you can basically sit there, let the enemies come to you, and then repetitively hit your ability buttons. Most of the rest of the work is completed for you.

3. Rhino

Rhino has so a lot of diverse builds available that it’s possible to make Rhino useful for nearly all content in War frame. If you just want to practice everything that War frame has to offer and you are happy to bond with one frame, Rhino will be the ideal option.

Rhino Charge does do harm, but it’s mostly useful as a mobility tool. Rhino also has Iron Skin, a skill that allows the frame to take an incredibly large amount of smash up. The more damage you take when you first kick off the Iron Skin ability, the more damage you will be protected from once the skill becomes active. This makes Rhino an incredibly forgiving frame to play.

4. Chroma

Next up we have Chroma. This frame is great for a number of grounds. Chroma is a very tanky frame that can endure a lot of damage, which makes it very easy to survive approximately any situation in War frame. Chroma has a number of skills to make note of.

You also get more weapon damage as your wellbeing gets lower. With Chroma’s Effigy ability, the Chroma War frame can make a patrol turret that obliterates all close at hand enemies with elemental damage.

5. Banshee

With Sonar, feeble spots on enemies are showcased for 30 seconds. If you fire these weak spots, you do multiply the damage. Banshee absolutely takes the most amount of interest to use efficiently, but if you like to concentrate on something at the same time as grinding; Banshee is the way to go.

Whether you’re grinding missions for materials or desire to level up weapons rapidly, Banshee makes it trouble-free to take down enemies rapidly no matter what you’re going up against or what tools you are using, solely because of the Sonar ability.


Thanks for reading our guide on the top 5 frames in the War frame. This guide is for War frame in 2019, so keep in mind that harmonizing changes and new War frame releases could alter the best choices over time.

A lot of it also comes down to an individual favorites. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to the selection of a War frame, however, these top 5 picks are a good place to begin.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]