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Email Rich People for Money 2020


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Email Millionaires For Money – There are some people in the World who happily offer their money to people in need. Those people do this act of kindness to help poor and needy people. However, there are still some people who get the help from rich people to survive in the society. Rich people give donations to the poor people in many forms. They might be collecting money for the poor by organizing events and fundraising.

Every society has its own ways to collect donations for poor’s. There are several ways to get money from rich and kind people. You can get help from rich and kind people by sending them emails. If you are in a problem and you need money, then its normal to ask for help. Before sending an email there are some points to pay attention. You can do some good things to make your email representative. It is not sure that your email will be read.

That’s why there are some points which make your email successful and effective to get a response.

Important Things to Do to Email Millionaires For Money

If you want to get money from rich people, then send them an email with preparations and good consideration. Because if you send email randomly then it will not effective or you might get fail to obtain money.

Good Intention

Good intention is the first and the most important thing to write the email. Because it will give a good impression to the rich people. It will express that you really need the money. This will be unworkable that you need money to buy a sports car. You will have to write a good explanation in the email to convince the reader.

Do not lie

As mentioned above about the intentions, similarly, you should write the truth about your need. You might have to exaggerate the story. Rich people are not fools that they can be cheated by anybody easily. So, you should write about your problem honestly.

Write efficiently

After making clear statements of requests, now you can write an email. When you write the emails to rich people make sure that your email is straight and clear. If you write long paragraphs, then your email will not be effective. You must write your personal information and write other important facts that will make your email effective.

Be polite

You will have to write an email as you write a formal letter. When you write email to make sure about your dictation and grammar. There should be no ambiguity in the message which will be the reason for rejection of the request. At the end of the email, you should write a thank-you note. Because they have given their time to read your email.

Write it as the first person

You will write an email in the first-person point of view. Because it will emphasize your reason to get money from the reader. The message should be written like story.

Write a good subject

Write a good subject is also an important step. Because it will convince other people to read your email. If you write impolite subject, then this will not make your emails effective. Such as ‘I need your help’ or ‘you are the only one to help me’. These are bad subjects. You have to choose the good subject to get help from the reader. Good subject will help you to get help earlier and it will also help to grow your work and business.

Reread the message

You should reread the email written by you. If you send a message to rich people without rereading, it will be a bad decision. To check for mistakes and inappropriate words read your message again and again. Or you can ask your friends to read the message before sending. It is quite possible that these points might not be enough to convince the reader to send you money. Furthermore, the impression is also important to convince the reader for help.

List of People Who Give Money Away Online

After learning about how to write effective email then its time to know about the people who give help and donations to the poor. if you don’t know about the person who can help you then your email is wastage. You must have a real email address of the person who will help you. There are some people who are generous to others.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is the first generous person in this list who has donated a huge amount of money for good reasons. He is the most famous philanthropists because of his huge devotions to help others. After setting down in the estate he denotes some of his shares in Berkshire to help others. The buffet is not the only one in this organization who helps needy people. Many other people who also contribute from their wealth to help poor’s. You can also Get Real Working Credit Card Generator With Money 2020.

Bill Gates

Bill Gate is another philanthropist who comes forward to help the poor along with his wife. He is the most popular philanthropists who help others. Many donations are conducted by their foundation. They have traveled to many countries to help others directly.

Mark Zuckerberg

As Bill Gates and his wife, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife also help needy. Mark is the founder of Facebook. Mark has already donated more than 90% of his shares for donations.

Chuck Feeney

This is another person who helps the poor by getting emails from them. Chuck said that he enjoys spending his wealth needy and poor’s. This is the great act of kindness and generosity that took by Chuck.

Tim Cook

This is also famous for his contributions to develop communication technology. This is the CEO of Apple. He has spent his money on charities. He made a clear statement that his entire fortune is for charity and good causes. He also considers social issues. Such as defamation, poverty, victims of disasters.

Ted Turner

He is another popular figure for his good acts. He considers the conservation of wildlife and the environment. He gives his donation to UN foundations as well. He is the former CEO of TURNER broadcasting.

K. Rowling

This is another figure, known for novels of Harry Potter. She is a big-hearted woman. This is the richest author due to Harry Potter novels. She also has donated a huge part of his shares for the women and children. This is also in the list to help others on an email.


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