How to Get Free PS4 Games – 2020


How to Get Free PS4 Games – 2020


[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Let’s picture you’re anxious to start playing The Sims 4, but can’t have enough money to buy a Play station game right now. After all, those avatars aren’t going to costume themselves!

In spite of what a lot of people say, it is absolutely possible to get free PS4 games over the internet. Though the methods to in truth do this might surprise you.

It’s astonishing how many fake sites there are assert to offer free PS4 games, compared to the genuine opportunities to actually get a game for free.

Maybe this shouldn’t come as a revelation to any of us though since the Play station niche is widespread with scam artists running generator sites, giveaways and other comparative deceptions.

Avoid Code Generator Sites

Generator sites are the total most awful offenders of all. I’ll say right now that every particular website that claims to be able to “generate” a gift code out of thin air is a total scam.

Factually 10,000s of people a day are getting scammed – and Google just keeps on catalog them on the first page of their search results!

These sites quarry on the innocence and wishful thinking of youngsters, cheering them to complete surveys and other offers in order to “unlock” Play station codes. Every now and then even asking them to sign mobile subscriptions, that charge to their parents’ credit cards.

There Is No Such Thing as A Free PSN Code List, That Still Works

Frequently people will declare to be giving away a list of valid PSN codes. This may strike you as a way to get free PS4 games, but sadly we’re not living in a fantasy world.

You’re most likely well again off digging up your backyard for dinosaur bones and then trying to extract intact DNA from them. Ok yes, I confess it, I’m a total geek – but so are you if you’re reading this!

Be Skeptical Of Giveaways

It’s very common for You Tubers and other influencers to start giveaways of Play station store codes. I would say that in about 99% of cases these giveaways are false.

When somebody starts a giveaway on the internet you should ask yourself a few questions:

Is this individual revealing their true identity, or do they have an established brand? Do they actually care about their reputation?

Typically if someone has invested a huge amount of time into developing their personal influence or brand it’s much less likely that they would risk the whole thing by staging a fake giveaway. However, there are many recorded examples of YouTube’s with millions of subscribers staging giveaway scams.

But let’s face it; the never-ending merry-go-round of YouTube giveaways is most likely more entertaining than any free PS4 game you could have won anyway!

Focus On Points Sites

Ok, enough talking about absurd scams. We can’t finish this article without sharing a genuine way to get free PS4 games.

Point’s sites are perhaps one of the few dependable ways for people to earn free games online. The way they work is you earn points by completing free of charge offers like surveys or mobile app downloads. This earns the site owners money from advertisers, which they can then make use of part of to get you a free Play station store gift code – one that’s actually legally purchased from an official seller.

There are little legitimate sites out there that are doing this but – ehem – the one we would suggest you use is Points Prizes.

We’re not going to make believe that you’ll be able to earn your free game instantly, but if you read the commands carefully, you should achieve your objective.

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