10 Rare League Of Legends Skins and Their Origin Stories


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1- King Rammus (Bowser)

King Rammus is among the fewest skins of League of legends as in 2009 it was the present for only those players that registered for the closed beta.

About 250,000 gamers registered for the beta that shows that only a few got this skin.

This skin resembles like super Mario browser and its design are generally called the browser ramus skin.

2- Silver Kayle

A few years back in the times of 2009, the CD-ROMs were used a lot and hence Riot Games released League of Legends like a retail game. due to this retail release, there were numerous skins available.

Silver Kayle is used in the place of champion and its very simple to work with. The difference lies between this skin and the built-in skin is of color variation.

Irrespective of that, silver kayle is an uncommon skin that many gamers struggle to get this skin.

Its unknown and difficult to know as to how much in amount these skins are available. However, it is our rough estimate that it might be over the 250000 skins of King Rammus.

3- Human Ryze

This skin is similar to that of Silver Kayle. Although Silver Kayle is a rare skin but this one is the most rarer.

4- Black Alistar

Now the amount by which Human Ryze is rare is just the one-tenth parts in front of the rarity level of Black Alister. This was sold out as a rarer pre-order incentive for those people pre-ordered the edition=f collector through Amazon and GameStop.

As the name suggests, Black Alistar is essentially another recolor, this time based on the standard Alistar skin.

5- UFO Corki

UFO Corki skin was released in 2010 so it was a bit more common as compared to other skins.

So all the gamers registered for the account of League of legends before the 14th of January and hence were presented with a free of cost UFO Corki skin.

After seeing that League of Legends has crossed the record of getting more than 15 million gamers in 2011, it’s fine to claim that a huge number of people have UFO Corki.

6- Whistler Village Twitch

Whistler Village Twitch is also rare same as King Rammus.

In the times of Vancouver winter Olumypics in 2010, this skin was put up on sale for the purpose of celebration. It was available for a limited time so not a large number of people could get it.

A maximum of a hundred or thousand people has got this skin only.

7- PAX Twisted Fate

PAX Twisted Fate is also the rarest skin available to the gamers of League of Legends. In2009 the skin provided only those people who physically joined the PAX event.

Therefore, it’s not a confirmation number that can be set to tell how many people got this skin at that time. However, the number was about 50,000 people so considering this number we can estimate for around 50,000 might have received this skin even if the maximum number is also considered.

8- PAX Jax

It is also the rarest skin. It was given to the people in the event of PAX Prime just like in the case of Pax Twisted Fate.

9- PAX Sivir

PAX Sivir was given to people in a similar way as the above two were provided to the users. The people who joined the event of PAX Prime 2011 were given this skin.

10- Rusty Blitzcrank

The rarest skin in this game is of Rusty Blitzcrank. The explanation of its rarity is very amusing and it describes the reason for its plain-looking skin.

After the launch of League of legends on 2nd September 2009, Blitzcrank was launched as a fresh champion. As usual, Riot Games released Blitzcrank along with a built-in skin and extra skin that could be bought from the store.

This skin was known as Rusty Blitzcrank. This skin was soon removed just after ten days as many people criticized its similar looks to the default skins. Riot Games also allow users to exchange Rusty Blitzcrank and many users make use of it. It is heard that very few person, less than 500, possess Rusty Blitzcrank, i.e. 0.001% of gamers own it.


So that all about the skins of League of Legends and their skins and their availability levels. If you see such skins while playing then you are a lucky person as not a lot of people get this to see. So in this article, we discussed different types of skin that are present in League of Legends and every skin has a different level of rarity. If you are one such people who possess anyone such skin you are the luckiest player.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]